Another one sold above market with Feng Shui

There's nothing quite like getting a call from a client just before Christmas saying "Dean, I bought a house. BUT, I did use my Success Calendar to sign on a good day, so it'll be ok won't it? Um, by the way, I need to sell my current home for more than $1.6 million or we're in deep sh*t! I need you to work your magic."

No pressure...


"Alright", I say, "Fill me in on the details. Do you have an agent?" Yes.
"Have you signed an agreement with them yet?" No. But he left the agency agreement with us to fill out and get back to him.
"Do you have a contract ready?" Not yet, but our solicitor is working on it.
"When do you settle on the new place?" March 1st, but if we don't sell for a high price before then, we'll have to get a bridging loan and get smashed on high interest, along with having to keep paying this mortgage.
"So we need to get organised and list it in January, and sell by early to mid February?" Yes!
"OK, I'll get back to you very soon."


So I have a target to meet. The first task is to calculate the best day and time to get the agency agreement signed. In NSW Australia, a property is not allowed to be offered for sale without a "Contract for the sale of land", and a sales agent must have an agency agreement correctly filled in before they can list a property.

I have my clients Four Pillars charts, so determining the best day to sign isn't too difficult. It's probably the first time in the history of real estate that an agent has been chased by a vendor to sign though!

The next steps are to calculate the best days to -
1. Get photographs,
2. Get the signboard up (including the best location for it),
3. List the property on the web,
4. When to have the first open home,
5. When to have the auction,
6. What days are best to accept any pre-auction offers,
7. When to sign the contract,
8. When to settle (though this one is basically pre-determined because of the settlement date of the new home).

Now I can get started on the actual Feng Shui! Most people (including many practitioners) don't realise that the layout and design for a sale differs from regular family Feng Shui. While this family have been my clients for many years, I needed to go through all the calculations and charts with the goal of selling the property not balancing their life.

I won't go into the details of the Feng Shui changes I made in this article (privacy for my clients, and I don't want to break my own rice bowl!), but part of this included determining where to place the For Sale sign, where the auctioneer needs to stand as well as quite a few other hidden changes that aren't noticed by potential buyers while they are inspecting the property, because they look like they're just a part of the styling. For those of you reading this that are 'in the know', I've worked out a set of formula's that cross-over between Four Pillars (NOT the weak-strong method usually taught), Flying Stars, San He, Qi Men Dun Jia and Xuan Kong Da Gua. All without door tilting, ugly bowls of saltwater or any other expensive changes.

Now for the results! A fantastic outcome for the vendors -


Selling homes with Feng Shui

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