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Fertility, Career & Selling

I have been using Dean French’s services for about 6 years now. I was interested in Feng Shui after visiting other homes that were styled using Feng Shui and feeling their more relaxed atmosphere. We were also having some issues with fertility and I was approaching it from every angle.

After reading about Feng Shui and realising how complex it can be, I decided to hire a professional. The Feng Shui recommendations Dean made were practical and easy to put in place for me, and all done without changing my decorating style. We now have 2 children and couldn’t be happier, all without missing out on career opportunities.

After missing my annual Feng Shui update for a year or two, I decided that the years when I had the Feng Shui done were better, so I now keep my Feng Shui up to date.

We recently used Red Phoenix’s services to help sell an investment property, and we sold for our asking price within 24 hours of the first open house without having to even advertise.

Susan S.

Cooks Hill, NSW

Susan S.
If you want to shift your life to a more positive path, the Feng Shui is the way to go.

Real Estate Sale Blackwall NSW

Having a baby after trying for so long

Hi Dean, been meaning to let you know…hubby and I are pregnant and are due on December 13th. I had my 20 week scan last week and they said we are having a boy (just like you have said that we would). So thankyou for all your assistance with the feng shui, it obviously worked! I can’t believe I will be having a Tiger/Sagittarius (same as me). May end up arriving on my birthday (9th December) you never know!

Jan 2010

Sascha K.

Helped our house sell quickly

Feng Shui Australia - Use Feng Shui to boost your property sales resulats

It took about 2-3 weeks, but we got an offer $200,000 more (from a different buyer) and we accepted it. The whole settlement went smoothly. Dean helped us find a new home to move to and everything has been going really well since then.

August 2016

Fortunato Mileto
Artico Homes
If you want to get a good price quickly, then get the Feng Shui done before you go to market, don't wait until after you've listed.

I get my update done every year!

Since being introduced to Dean and having him apply Feng Shui to my home and life I can honestly say that my life is more balanced. Things just seem to go along smoothly. I have also noticed that a lot more opportunities seem to present themselves.

My friends even noticed the change in the feel of my home upon their first visits immediately after having Dean place the cures. I had comments like “Have you done something here because the energy feels different… much better” which really amazed me. Within 12 months of having Feng Shui applied I was also presented with an opportunity to upgrade to a wonderful new home which we had previously not been able to do. I truly believe in the benefits of this practice and am grateful to have met Dean after many years of wanting to do this but not knowing who to approach for my Feng Shui. Things happen for a reason and they happen better with Feng Shui. Thanks Dean!

Feb 2009

K Croese


Louie V.

My wife and I live in Newcastle, and even though we have a beautiful house we did not get one offer for it in 4 months. I watched 6 other houses get sold in streets around us within weeks of being listed.

Dean came and did the Feng Shui for us, and we had a buyer the very next day. Everything he said happened for us, and we are very happy to get a fair price for it.


Louie V.

Denise D

Dean from Red Phoenix has changed my life so much. When I first met him, I was having so many legal issues including having the government compulsorily obtaining my land. Before this, they had rezoned the land to industrial, and then offered us less than half of what it was worth. My health was getting worse, and my stress levels were skyrocketing. As I put the cures out, I got a huge migraine so I called Dean for help, and he said that this was the energy shifting. The last 6 months have seen all the legal stuff disappear so easily, and the government turned around and said that they would give the full value of the property and they have even let me rent it from them until my new house is built at a fraction of the market rent. I’ve just come back from 4 weeks holiday in Canada which was great fun, thankyou Dean for changing my life for the better. PS my new house is being completely built around traditional Feng Shui principles.

Denise D

Jill M

I initially asked Dean to do a Feng Shui audit on my home a few years ago after hearing a glowing report about him from one of his clients. At the time, my cash flow had hit a bottleneck which was stressful and frustrating. I was absolutely amazed when money started to flow in again within an hour of putting Dean’s cures into position. I was late in scheduling Dean’s annual update for this year and my home was burgled the week after Chinese New Year. I will not be letting my cures lapse again.

Jill M

Ange Sands

So guess what? I emailed Newcastle xxxx service about going casual again, and the HR person who is normally horrible to me was really nice and trying to get me back asap. Then I got a phone from xxxx gym asking if I could come in for an interview to for an aerobics instructor position. Then I went to mountain designs to use my gift card, and the guy doubled the amount. Then I got texts from all over, including one from a guy who I thought had brushed me off forever!
Way to move some energy Dean – thank you sooo much!

Ange Sands