We get many questions about our services, and about Feng Shui in general. Here are many of the common ones. Simply click on the question and the answer will drop down for you to read.

How can your services help me?

Having a consultation by Red Phoenix includes not only Feng Shui advice from experienced practitioners, it gives the opportunity to perform a systematic baseline study of the three main areas of life that create either happiness or despair – finances, relationships and health.

We use a wide range of experience to help you pinpoint causes and provide results based solutions for you to follow, all overlaid by Feng Shui – setting up your environment to support you and your goals. All consultations are highly personalised to suit each client.

How does Feng Shui work?

Feng Shui is a series of systems developed over the last few thousand years, initially based around agricultural needs, but progressively changed and applied to structures alongside the development of society, that is from village based through to city-state and centralised government based societies. There have been several Chinese rulers over time that have deemed Feng Shui such an important topic that they have decreed book burning and cleansings to keep the knowledge hidden. Chairman Mao is reputed to have used a system of date and direction selection called Qi Men Dun Jia to use his smaller army to overcome the emperor’s superior numbers.

There are several systems and ‘styles’ of Feng Shui, each with its own unique perspective on what the surrounding and internal environment of a building will bring to the occupants. On a very basic level, we recognise that humans are highly visual creatures, spaces and colours can evoke strong emotion for many people. We all know that run down house that makes us walk by just a bit faster, the room that won’t warm up even in summer, the ‘70’s bathrooms of pine, orange and brown (no offense if that’s your thing). This is why home styling services have taken off in property sales, it works.

Feng Shui goes beyond this though, analysing external landforms such as roads, neighbouring buildings, mountains and water courses along with internal features like doors, bedrooms, desks and offices all in conjunction with the personal energy of the occupants.

Now if the term ‘personal energy’ makes you think of hippies, consider that the Chinese were the first to recognise that the earth’s magnetic field exists and that humans are basically electrical ‘machines’ (we wouldn’t function if our nervous system stopped sending electrical impulses). When a building is constructed it shifts and changes the local field, so Feng Shui and Four Pillars are simply systems that recognise the connection between our electrical system and the earth’s magnetic field and that it has had a major impact on our evolution as a species.

The term “simply” is a bit erroneous though, we have studied many of the popular systems from the Western school, Ba Zhai (8 Mansions) and Flying Stars but has gone in-depth into advanced and more complex systems such as Xuan Kong Da Gua (which divides 360° into 64 directions), the aforementioned Qi Men Dun Jia, San He and advanced landform analysis. Many of these terms are unimpressive to the layperson, suffice to say that each has its place depending completely on the needs of the client, sensitivity to the site and the ability to make changes.

There are many schools of Feng Shui – how do I know which one is right?

This is a tough one to answer. They can all be correct, depending on the site, positioning of rooms and the Four Pillars of the occupants. Wisdom is knowing how to determine the best applications to use. The Western school won’t be able to help too much for a home with many external landforms affecting it, this will fall more under the guidelines of Flying Stars and San He. A new build design benefits from an analysis of the Four Pillars, Flying Stars and Xuan Kong Da Gua. Despite the fact that there are many courses offering to make you a practitioner in a weekend, the truth is that Feng Shui will take many years of studying, and learning when and where to use each style.

Why am I always getting sick? / Why can’t I save money? / Why can’t I find a partner?

All these questions can have straightforward answers – What is your diet like? Do you have a budget? Do you have team attitude when it comes to relationships?

If you eat well, but still fall ill; if you are strict with your money but still can’t get ahead; or keep finding yourself in one-sided relationships then there can be more to the situation than meets the eye. An analysis of your life stages by using Four Pillars and then looking at the environment you are living in with Feng Shui will reveal any underlying problems, and then give ways to remedy the situation.

Conversely, if you find that there are parts of your life where you everything seems to go right and just flow, then Feng Shui can make the most out of it, as well as bolstering areas that may be lacking.

Can I apply Feng Shui to any size space?

Yes, it benefits environments ranging from studio apartments and large, single-family homes to offices and businesses of all sizes.

Isn’t Feng Shui just decluttering and styling?

Lol no; most Westerners view Feng Shui as the placement of objects and interior design, however the more advanced techniques used in Feng Shui reach to a much deeper level than just what you can see.

Even with 20 years of study and experience in Feng Shui, we are still studying, testing and refining new methods to make sure that we can help all of our clients.

Do I need to believe in Feng Shui for it to work?

No. Despite the association with ‘new age’ philosophies, Feng Shui is a mechanistic assessment of spaces, time and people. There are some advantages to creating a positive mind set when conducting an audit or placing adjustments, however these are not a requirement for Feng Shui to take effect.

Do I need to do anything before my Feng Shui consultation?

Yes. When you have made your booking, you will be sent a questionnaire and a Service Agreement that you can fill out and send back. 

Is Four Pillars astrology an important aspect of the Feng Shui consultation?

This is a very important aspect of the consultation process. The Four Pillars allows usto determine what particular events are likely to occur in the client’s life, and then how to apply it alongside the Feng Shui of the building.

What is the role of Date Selection in Feng Shui?

Most people are unaware that Feng Shui is as much about the timing as it is about the space and selecting an appropriate date to carry out a change, get married or launch a new business or initiative will make these events and changes much more powerful. Through years of observation and client feedback, the principal of Red Phoenix, Dean French has developed a proprietary method of Date Selection to accurately track upcoming dates and whether they will be suit your goals.

When is the best time for a Feng Shui consultation?

That’s like asking a real estate agent ‘when is the best time to sell?’ The answer is always a resounding ‘Now’.

Seriously, the very best time to have a consultation is when you are ready to make a site selection but before you start looking – whether this be a block of land to build on, an existing property to move into or invest in, or a new business premises. Think of the show ‘Location, Location, Location’, but with Red Phoenix, it’s not just that you’re happy with the property from an aesthetic point of view, we can make certain that it supports you from an energetic point of view.

The second best time is when you have decided to renovate. Part of the consultation includes timing along with direction and layout. The renovation process brings the opportunity to make bigger changes at a smaller cost to you, and will help to crystallise your ideas and inspirations. For business owners, prior to a shop or office fitout is perfect, as there is far more scope to set your layout so that you can trade more profitably.

If you aren’t building or renovating, then you can still improve your space with a consultation as there are strategies that can be used without having to spend a lot of money. We include standard Feng Shui adjustments as part of the consultation.

Feng Shui is also applicable to a number of life events – shop openings, wedding dates, selling property, screening new employees and a lot more.

Does anyone else have to know that I am having a Feng Shui consultation?

All consultations are strictly confidential, though if you are happy to share, we’d love to receive a testimonial or review. If you are thinking of having a consultation without telling your spouse or business partner, then you should know that is best if all stakeholders are involved in the process rather than finding out later on, or having you trying to explain advanced concepts later on to someone who feels they were lied to. Honesty is always the best policy.

How long does a consultation take?

This will depend on the complexity of the site and the number of people involved.

For the majority of consultations, we will need to visit you twice. The first appointment with (approximately 1-2 hours plus travel time) is to gather information – your situation and requirements, directions, birthdates, floor plans and any other relevant data. The second appointment with you (approximately 2-3 hours plus travel time) is to take you through the reports, Date Selection calendars and other recommendations.

In between there can be up to 20 hours of calculations, drafting and report writing, so the overall process can take up to two weeks from start to finish.

Can I ask questions during the consultation?

Yes, we are happy to share information, but remember that it will be difficult to distill 20 years of knowledge if your questions become too technical.

Can I observe?

That’s fine, but some space is needed for taking compass measurements, and if you need a floor plan prepared, then it is best if we are able to focus on the task.

Do I make the recommended changes myself?

We encourage you to make changes and adjustments, as you are important to the process, as is making changes on the best day and time for yourself. If you haven’t the time to carry out the changes yourself, we can source any necessary materials beyond the standard adjustments we provide and make the changes for you. Additional fees will apply.

How long does it take to see results after the Feng Shui consultation?

This depends on the issues identified and how much action is required to induce a change. Some clients see fast change (less than 24 hours) when the Feng Shui recommendations are applied, however the usual time most people notice is within the 3 weeks to 3 months range. Businesses will usually notice a change in cash-flow quite quickly, whereas health problems will generally take the longest to solve.

How often do I need a Feng Shui consultation?

Every year the energy shifts for people and for the Feng Shui, nothing in life is static. Booking an Annual Update for yourself from October through to January following your initial consultation is highly recommended to stay on top of the changes and be prepared for the year to come.

Do you keep in contact with me?

Yes. Following your second consultation, we will contact you one month and 3 months after the your appointment for around 30 minutes to track your progress. You’ll also receive a yearly reminder to book your annual update, and if you sign up for the blog, you’ll receive a monthly link to the latest article.

We have an Architect, where do you fit into the design process?

As soon as possible, especially prior to development applications. Locations of the front door, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms can be very important and having a consultation early on allows for flexibility.

Can you help us find an Architect / Solicitor / Conveyancer / Interior Designer / Real Estate agent?

Yes. We have an established network of experienced professionals that provide a high level of service for their clients. If our contacts aren’t suitable for the project, then we will be able to source a reliable service for you.

Are there any design restrictions?

The best Feng Shui solutions support you and the site that you are designing, and it is a process that is very sympathetic to the needs of the client. By starting early on, the recommendations for the design can be worked in with the architect’s plans, your interior designer’s style ideas and of course with local planning authority requirements. 

Can you help even if planning permission has already been granted?

Yes, because even if plans are locked in, there are subtle changes that can be made by the builder that create a better home or office space without upsetting the planning authorities.