Feng Shui for 2017 — The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster (Part 1)

For a complete rundown on 2017’s Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, as well as lots of other information on the year ahead from an astrological perspective (including a free new moon calendar!), you can purchase a copy of the Wellbeing Astrology magazine by clicking here or grab a copy at your local newsagent.

Special Note - Even though you will obtain good results from following this advice, it is not a substitute for having a trained Feng Shui practitioner assess the energy of your house. At a minimum your practitioner should know Ba Zi astrology and the Flying Star system.

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The Luo Pan (Chinese Feng Shui compass) below has the annual Feng Shui formations for 2017 arranged around the degrees of a compass. The Chinese representation of the compass is opposite to what we are generally used to seeing, South is always shown at the top and the North at the bottom.



Feng Shui Luo Pan for 2017

You can apply the Feng Shui Luo Pan to your own home or business if you know the degrees of the facing direction and have a copy of your floor plan, simply find the centre of the building place the Luo Pan over it with the compass direction lined up with the facing or the front door.



In this example the front door is pointed towards the South at 179 degrees, and the centre is in the kitchen. The division lines radiate outwards away from the centre showing you where the Qi is entering the building. It gets a lot more complicated when we start looking at mountain and water landforms, the 24 mountains and your Four Pillars (Ba Zi) Astrology; but let's take it one step at a time.

Don’t make the mistake of dividing your home into boxes as some courses teach - nature works in curves, circles and spirals, not in designated squares so keep this in mind when you start your Feng Shui journey.

In the house above, you can see that the front door on the right hand side of the floor plan has the Wealth and Peach Blossoms San He formations, but is also affected by the 5 Disaster Flying Star. A mix of very good and very bad. The challenge for a Feng Shui Master is to extract the Qi that is helpful while at the same time reducing the negative Qi.

So go and get your floor plan ready, print out the Luo Pan, and in Part 2 we’ll look at each sector for the year ahead so you can make the most out of 2017.


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