Feng Shui for 2017 – The Year of the Yin Fire Rooster (Part 2)

For a complete rundown on 2017’s Chinese Astrology and Feng Shui, as well as lots of other information on the year ahead from an astrological perspective (including a free new moon calendar!), you can purchase a copy of the Wellbeing Astrology magazine by clicking here or grab a copy at your local newsagent.

The following interpretations and recommendations are based on two schools of Feng Shui - San Yuan Flying Stars and San He.

The Centre has the 1 Water star here for 2017. In general this is a clash, however the 1 star is Kan, or the middle son and the Lo Shu (also called the Later Heaven Bagua) 5 star is the emperor. Those families with male children may find them out of sorts during the year, especially during May and August. Since the 1 star is generally associated with career and wealth accumulation, it will bring a lot of competition particularly among young men. Use Metal as close to the physical centre of the house, 6 I-Ching coins (represents the father providing discipline and guidance) would be good, however any Metal ornament would be helpful.

The South (157.5 to 202.5 degrees) is Fire in the Lo Shu, and is boosting the annual 5 Earth disaster star. It is unfortunate that the Wealth and Peach Blossoms stars are here as well, because the 5 will place a dampener on these positive formations. If your front door faces towards the South, it is best to use a different entry in 2017. Use saltwater cures (a jar with water, salt and either copper or brass mixed together) to drain the 5 star of its potency.

The Southwest (202.5 to 247.5 degrees) has 7 Metal, a star that is waning and becoming malevolent. In the Lo Shu, the SW is 2 Earth Qi which boosts the Metal, so beware of thieves and backstabbers. This is one of four special sectors in 2017 where there is a “He Tu combination”, in this case between the 7 and 2 stars forming Fire Qi. Since both stars are negative, the overall influence of this combination is negative. The simple cure for this combination is to use Water, three small bottles spread equally across the SW will do.

Special Note - If your kitchen lies within the SW or the oven door is pointed towards this direction, then be careful of safety, particularly fires during February, May and July. Rather than using just plain water, drop 8 small tumbled citrine crystals into each water bottle before putting them out.

The West (247.5 to 292.5 degrees) is mixed Qi for 2017, falling towards the negative side. The one good star (Yin Nobleman) does improve the clash between the Yang Wood 3 star and the Yin Metal of the West (siblings fighting). If your front door is right in the middle part of the West, then it would be best to use a different entry. Since Tai Sui the Year Breaker is here you should also avoid any renovations or building work here. Keep the area as quiet as possible, and add a small amount of Fire into the décor, preferably just by using the colour red.

The annual 2 star (Earth, the Mother in the Lo Shu) is in the Northwest (292.5 to 337.5 degrees) which is 6 Metal, or Qian the Father in the Lo Shu will be interesting for romance and marriages in 2017. The two trigrams joined becomes Hexagram 11 – Peace, a perfect union of Yin and Yang. When activated, this sector will be very good for married men in particular. Single gents and ladies could find themselves doing better in their career, but if you activate this combination while single, it may become the sign of a nun or a monk. Use plenty of Metal, especially in shapes that evoke romance. Use metal representations of wealth and power here if you want to boost the positive career aspects.

The North (337.5 to 22.5 degrees) is quite lucky in 2017, another of the He Tu combination sectors. The 1 and 6 stars combine to form Water and is good for career, but there is a chance of overdoing it if you try to work alone. This combination shows the Father and middle Son working together under the Fathers guidance. This shows that without an authority figure, there could be a chance of legal trouble for young males, especially if their bedrooms are in the North. Everyone else who has a prominent North sector should gain good luck in business and communications. Use some Earth, such as crystals.

The Northeast (22.5 to 67.5 degrees) has the 4 Wood star as well as the Scholar San He star. This is a fantastic area for students, business owners, designer and anyone looking to tap into their creative side to have an office or study. Keep the part of the NE marked San Sha 2 and Robbery Mountain quiet (eg, windows/doors closed) and place a plant grown in water (such as ‘lucky’ bamboo or a philodendron). In the Lo Shu the NE is 8 Earth, controlled by the 4 Wood and indicates problems and health issues for young children, particularly boys, so keep them out of this sector.

The East (67.5 to 112.5 degrees) has the annual 8 Earth star and is the home to the Lo Shu 3 Wood star. This seems like a clash between Elements, but it is another of the He Tu combinations (Wood). Mountain (8) and Thunder (3) indicate gaining knowledge and self-wisdom through turmoil. It is a good combination for most people, though young children shouldn’t sleep in this area, again it particularly affects boys. Add Fire Element to subdue Thunder and improve Mountain’s self-contemplation. Make sure to close off any direct path from the South to the house because the main San Sha (thieves) and Sui Po (year breaker) are here. Avoid any renovations or building work here as well, because Sui Po will bring accidents and delays.

The Southeast (112.5 to 157.5 degrees) has the annual 9 Fire visiting the 4 Yin Wood palace, the last of the special He Tu combinations (Metal in this case). This is very good for women’s romance and can be activated by a water feature. If you are in a committed relationship, do not do this! Simply use fresh flowers as much as possible. This area is also very good for a study or creative studio.

So give it a go, try out dividing your building into sectors and getting your annual cures in place.

The next step is to learn your Four Pillars or Ba Zi Astrology so you can determine which areas will have the biggest effect on you and your family.

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