Feng Shui & The colours of Christmas

While decorating for this year’s season, I was thinking about the main colours we use and how they affect our home’s energy.


In my house, the area to display our tree for the nicest effect happens to be in the East, which has a 3 Wood mountain star and 7 Metal water star in the Flying Star system of Feng Shui. Here are some indications of the 3-7 stars from international Feng Shui masters -

Liang Chao - There is possibility that a person get robbed or burgled followed by lawsuits, even jailed. Disharmony amongst residents in the house.

Eva Wong - Illness associated with worries and anxiety. Possibility of victimized by politics or being embroiled in legal disputes.

Joey Yap - With a negative combination like this, it is possible to lose money due to thievery or fraud. There is a high probability that the loss of money could also stem from lawsuits. A person may also be betrayed by a trusted friend or family member.

He Luo & Joseph Yu - Crippled, armed robbery, burglary, lawsuit, sickness, worry, betrayal, scams.

According to Flying Star Feng Shui, a mountain generates Qi, any structure that rises from the ground will have a similar role to a mountain: generating energy outside. From inside, cupboards, wardrobes, or any furniture that is taller or larger than any others nearby are also considered mountains.

Obviously, a Christmas tree is an internal mountain, and being of Wood Element, it will strengthen and support the 3 Wood star so adding a large tree here really puts pressure on this negative combination.

OMG, what can I do???

Take a look at the Cycle of Elements (thanks to commons.wikimedia.org). The diagram shows that Wood creates Fire, and in turn Fire destroys Metal. By decorating the tree with lots of red, as well as using plenty of lights, I can make sure the effect of the tree is minimised in the East.

The annual star for 2016 (check the article here) is the 9 Fire, which is one of the good guys, so my problem is already partially solved!

Bad feng shui fire

Not that sort of fire!

A better solution would be to place the tree in a sector that is supported by Wood though. Looking at my home’s chart, the Northwest has a 9 Fire mountain star with a 4 Wood water star. The Annual for 2016 is the 3 Wood (I just can’t escape it!).

Some indications of this combination are - Tremendous success in business through ethical means; the star 9 is fire, brightness the 4 star is intelligence and when these two stars occur together, the children will achieve outstanding scholastic honours and be noble as well. This combination is also a “HeTu combination”, a bit more advanced Feng Shui, but essentially indicates greater wealth.

So, adding a tree here is very helpful, particularly due to the 9 Fire mountain star. Again we really want those reds to help control the Annual 3 star, but it’s adding up to be a very positive area.

Now, all I have to do is rearrange the whole house and annoy the family…

Have a safe and happy Christmas everyone.


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