Selling Your Home? Use Feng Shui for best results!

It's a hot market out there, yet why do some seemingly great houses and apartments languish without any offers, or sometimes even struggle to get potential buyers to open homes? Sometimes its due to overpricing your property when you go to market, turning people off before they get there, but many times it's due to poor timing, and the home having a negative feel to it.

Selling homes with Feng Shui


Selling a property with Red Phoenix: Professional Feng Shui Services is a process that looks at everything from start to finish, before you even sign on with an agent right up until you settle. We can even help you find a new home that will support you and increase your success.


1. Don’t sign anything yet!
Choosing your agent as well as the best date to sign your agreement sets the tone of the sales campaign. We look at your Four Pillars profile, and that of the agent to see if you’ll work well together and then
choose the best day and time to start the ball rolling.

2. Look analytically at the Feng Shui of the home.
We use a combination of Feng Shui techniques to improve the feel of your home, reducing the effects of negative areas (such as the 5 disaster star in Flying Stars) and increasing the effects of wealth stars. We
make the adjustments to send the money directly to you. We go beyond the Flying Stars though, using advanced techniques developed by us to make sure the sale goes through in your favour.

We even go so far as to showing the auctioneer where he needs to stand to get the best result if your auction is being held on-site. Some Real Estate agencies have in-house or mid-week auctions at their
external auction venue. One of the things to ask your agent if they are recommending an auction is where it will be held.

3. Assess the design, layout and furnishings of the home
Depending on your budget, we can make adjustments to the design and layout - to make the house gleam for photos and advertising. Even with a small (or no) budget, you can make simple changes to show
your home to its best advantage.

4. Determine the very best days to list, show and auction
Everyone has good and bad days. We work out which days are best for you to place your advertisement to gain the most interest - the more people that are interested in buying your home equates to a higher
selling price for you. It’s also great if the inspections days and times are good for you as well, though with many buyers having a busy schedule, this can be difficult to manage.

What is easily manageable is the day that you accept an offer (if you're selling via Private Treaty) or the auction day. Having set dates for these that are supportive for you means that the conveyancing
process will run smoothly, far fewer headaches coming from solicitors, banks and the buyers.

5. Exchange of contract date
While this is sometimes difficult to control, some solicitors and conveyancers are open to completing the exchange on a particular date. Usually settlement is for a set period of time following the date of
exchange or auction date. In NSW, Australia the average settlement period is 42 days after the exchange of contracts. Part of our service includes calculating the best date for settlement for you.

6. Time to celebrate!
You sold for the highest possible price in the shortest time and everything ran smoothly! Selling is easy when you use Red Phoenix: Professional Feng Shui Services.

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