Business Feng Shui Consultation


Trade more profitably and attract more customers by identifying and taking action in specific areas.

Make your office, hotel, shop or salon run smoothly and more successfully with Feng Shui. Red Phoenix analyses the business premises from a cash flow, employee interaction and systems perspective and we look at all possibilities for improvement, from floor plan layout to employee culture, customer retention, sales & marketing and loss prevention.

What do you get?
- A full Feng Shui report on your business premises with an easy to follow layout,
- Chinese Astrology analysis for the business owners and key personnel,
- Recommended changes including design, layout options and systems improvement
- A set of traditional Feng Shui adjustments specific for your business,
- Fully personalised Success Calendars for choosing your best days and times to take action.

To find out more on how Feng Shui can improve your cash flow, book in for a free and completely confidential discussion of your situation.

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Feng Shui Recruiting


Your employees are the biggest cost centre of your business but with the right people, they can be your biggest profit centre.

A self-motivated employee that can fit in well with your team will help to save your business time and money. Ba Zi Chinese Astrology will tell you whether the person you are choosing is right for the position.

What do you get?
- Chinese Astrology profile analysis for the recruit in comparison to the business owners and key personnel,
- Recommendations on whether the recruit is right for the position.

To find out more on Feng Shui recruiting, book in for a short, confidential discussion.

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